A Teaser for a Teaser

What you see here is the first completed cover for one of my reissued books, The Teaser.  I published this novella near the end of my Usenet days, just before starting Ruthie’s Club. It remains one of my favorites, and was generally well-received. Readers praised the depth of plot, and I got a fair amount of fan mail from people who couldn’t stop thinking about the two main characters and how their difficult relationship evolved. This new version has been updated to clear some anachronisms and other errors.

If you missed it the first time, The Teaser is the story of Tom Dempsey and Kate Armitage, who meet as undergraduates at Yale. They soon become fast friends, but anything beyond that is impossible. Tom is the grandson of a federal judge, the son of a prominent New York City lawyer, and has a bright future ahead of him, but none of it is enough to impress Kate’s family, which traces their lineage back through 19th century railroad barons to colonial Virginia. Through the ensuing years, as Tom and Kate explore the boundaries of their almost-but-not-quite relationship, Tom must decide whether chasing what he can’t have is worth destroying what he has, and Kate must make a choice between love and money. Kate’s engagement to a wealthy friend of the family finally brings their dilemma to head.

The Teaser will be released with the rest of my works in October.

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