Faith, Hope, and Snippets

Herewith I offer another excerpt from another one of my forthcoming reissued books, Faith, Hope, and Charity: A Novel of Virtue and Vice. This book is about a couple, Kevin and Faith, who meet and fall in love in college. The two of them begin writing erotica together, and in the process discover that Faith’s secret fantasies aren’t willing to be repressed forever. Kevin wants to make her happy, but even after they get married, he worries that her desires may drive them apart. As Faith explores the depths of her needs, she realizes that what she wants is another woman to submit to the two of them. But Kevin isn’t ready for this, and he soon has to decide whether keeping Faith happy is worth letting his darkest impulses into the light of day.

Amity was from San Francisco. She was up here with a gay friend of hers (she pointed him out across the bar), on vacation from a job as a graphic artist. She and Faith chattered at each other for nearly an hour while I sat there wondering what I was supposed to be feeling. They dragged me out onto the dance floor several times, and if I wasn’t sure if I was having a good time, I was at least able to make them think I was. Eventually Amity suggested, with a sly look in her eye, that we go back to our hotel.

Faith reached over and squeezed my hand.

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

Amity went across the bar to talk her friend, and Faith looked up at me.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I am.”

“Are you sure?”

In all honesty, part of me was looking forward to this, to watching two women make love. The wild card was that one of them was my wife. I wasn’t precisely upset about that or even nervous, I was just lost in a fog of emotion over it. But Faith wanted this, and I wanted to make her happy.

Amity returned to Faith’s side. We climbed out of the bar and went back to the room.

It went more smoothly than I might have expected. I sat in the corner while Faith and Amity began undressing each other. I felt another stab of jealousy the first time I saw Amity caressing Faith’s naked breasts, but the excitement in Faith’s eyes was enough to stifle it.

Faith overcame her nervousness at this new experience quite rapidly. Soon they were writhing together on the bed, kissing and fondling each other. Faith kept looking at me and smiling. A couple of times she asked how I was doing, and I assured her I was fine. When Amity began kissing her way down Faith’s body, my arousal began beating back the uncertainty. I watched Amity’s dexterous tongue, long and pointed, flicking back and forth over my wife’s neatly trimmed pubic mound. If there had been any remaining doubt about Faith’s bisexuality, that scene blew it away. She was lost in a sea of arousal, gripping her breasts, arching her back, crying out, and finally coming hard into Amity’s mouth.

When they switched places, I watched for any hesitation on Faith’s part but saw none. She went right to work on returning the favor and had no trouble bringing Amity to orgasm. They squirmed into a sixty-nine position after that and buried their faces between each other’s thighs.

I had an erection by now. This wasn’t turning me off, exactly. Part of me wanted to dive into bed with them, and I suspected from the looks Amity had been giving me throughout the night that she probably would not have objected. But I stayed where I was.

They stopped to rest after about an hour. Faith lay on her back with Amity lying on her side next to her, facing me. Faith propped herself up on her elbows, grinning.

“Hi, honey.”


“You must be getting stiff over there,” Amity said.

I grinned a little. “You could say that.”

She reached down to play with Faith’s wet pussy, slipping a finger into her. “I got it all warmed up for you.”

“I’m okay.”

Faith pretended to pout. “Don’t be a party pooper.”

“Yeah, come on,” Amity said. “I want to watch you fuck her.”

Both of them stared at me invitingly. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but I knew that if I turned them down, it would precipitate a very awkward scene.

I stood up and began undressing. When I was nude, Faith sat up on the bed, leaning forward. She took my erection in her hand and gave it a few quick slurps. Then she looked at Amity, who smiled at us, appearing to think for a moment, then sat up beside Faith. Faith moved aside, and Amity bent to take me into her mouth. I looked at Faith, knowing that this was outside of our agreement, and I couldn’t quite read what I saw in her eyes. Then Amity withdrew from me with a final wiggle of her tongue and lay backwards, pulling Faith with her. I climbed onto the bed and the two of them guided me forward.

I slipped easily into Faith, finding the way well-prepared. She pushed herself up at me, moaning, and wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her, closing my eyes, and began making love to her.

I felt Amity’s hand caressing my butt as I moved in and out of my wife. She lay still beside us, watching. When I rose up on my arms, Faith twisted her head over to kiss Amity. Amity returned the kiss, reaching in to tweak Faith’s nearest nipple.

Part of me was turned on by this, and part of me didn’t know what to think. I did the only thing I could, which was to make Faith feel good. It wasn’t difficult. Whatever my reservations, she was as turned on as I had ever seen her. She came deeply and strongly only a minute or two into it, bucking her hips up at me and clawing at my butt. Her reactions and the long delay did not help my control, not that she appeared to want me to hold off anyway. She whimpered, urging me on, and I soon lost myself in her body, spurting off deeply inside her.

Amity left about twenty minutes later, after she and Faith made plans for the three of us to meet at breakfast the next morning. When she was gone, Faith lay down beside me, snuggling under my arm.

“Have fun?” I asked.

She nodded.



Neither of us said anything else. We fell asleep eventually.

The cover for Faith, Hope & Charity: A Novel of Virtue and Vice is being prepared by Wicked Book Covers. I hope to have a reveal for it soon. [Update: Now added above.]

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