Where the Hell Are the Books? [Updated]

A couple of my old fans from the Usenet days who have tracked me down on Twitter since I reappeared have asked why I can’t just release all my old stuff right away. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the ebooks just aren’t ready yet. I have a full-time job and three kids, and I’ve got to fit this second job (which is what it is) in and around everything else. Only about half the covers are done (I’ve teased what I’ve got), and I still need to finish polishing, updating, and formatting the ebook files.

The other reason is that I want to release everything at once. One of the great joys of reading, for me, is finding a new author I like, reading that first book and thinking, “Damn, that was awesome,” then discovering the author has a bunch of other stuff available—which I will usually go read immediately. Finishing that book and discovering there’s nothing else is always a disappointment. So I want to make it possible for new fans and old who like my stuff to dive in as far as they want.

I don’t expect it to take too much longer, and I promise it will be worth the wait.

Update: No, it should not be too much longer.

2014-10-03 22.11.371

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