So, Where Were We?

Just an update for anyone who’s paying attention here.

eBook Files done and ready to post for sale:

  • Vector
  • The Needle and the Dungeon
  • The Teaser

Cover done, need to do ebook file:

  • Faith, Hope & Charity

Books done, waiting on covers-in-progress:

  • Immaculate Deception
  • The Wizard’s Daughters

Book done, need to order cover:

  • Roland: The Choice

Book almost done, really should order cover: Cover ordered!

  • The Hunt

Really need to decide what’s going in it and order a cover:

  • Eye of the Beholder: Stories

I’m contemplating breaking this list in half and posting the first three groups for sale when the covers for Immaculate Deception and The Wizard’s Daughters are done, because I really want to get some stuff up there, and the covers and other stuff for the last three are likely to take a while. Also, I’m really eager to get The Wizard’s Daughters out there to see if anyone else thinks it’s as good as I do.

If all goes well, I should have those covers ready within a week, and I can then (finally) get some stuff up and ready to read.

Another note on The Hunt: This came out even better than I expected, though not quite as long. The final version should be a longish novella/short novel around 38k words. I’ll post another WIP snippet tomorrow. (Also, I am going to continue the Erotica That Sucks series shortly.)

Update: I just started loading some stuff into Amazon to get my author page set up. Assuming nothing is borked, the first three will be available for pre-order shortly.


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