Introducing The Wizard’s Daughters

I’ve hinted around this book for a while as I waited for the cover art to be done. That came in this morning.

What is this one about? This book is in fact responsible for restarting my writing career. It was an idea I had bouncing around in my head for a while, but I never felt like I would have any time to do anything with it. One night, though, when we had some friends over, we got to discussing my fiction writing career (leaving out the salacious details), and as I lay in bed that night, I thought Fuck it. I need to start writing again.

The next night, I sat down at my computer and began pecking away. After two furious weeks of writing and intensive research, I had the first draft of a 55,000 word novel.

The Wizard’s Daughters is an alternate history novel set in Germany in 1520. It blends in elements of steampunk and fantasy adventure, along with some romance. I really like how it came out. It’s actually nowhere near as explicit as my other works, though there are some racy spots. (Just don’t grab it expecting another Vector or Amber.)

It’s also the first novel in a series I’m calling Twin Magic. Book Two, which I’m tentatively calling The Witches’ Covenant, is currently just some random ideas in my head, but I’m hoping to get started on it soon.

The Wizard’s Daughters is live on Smashwords now and on Amazon tomorrow now.

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