What’s Been Up

So, it’s been a bit quiet here lately, in part because I’ve finally finished revising and uploading my older stuff. From here on out, most likely, it will be only new books. And that means I need to write them.

I’ve started Book 2 in the Twin Magic series, The Witches’ Covenant, and it’s going well if not as quickly as the first one did. I’ve got just over 9,000 words down, which means it’s about 1/5 of the way there, more or less (I’m shooting for 50,000 words, though you never know how these things will go). I’m on track to release it in early 2015 as promised.

There may be one or two more revised older pieces coming, but what’s left in the archives is dated enough to require quite a lot of revision if I were to release it again. (And, if you’re holding out for CGC and OCB, sorry, those are not coming. Google may be of use there.)

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