You Need to Stop Tweeting Amazon Book Links, Day 2

Since I got a bit long-winded yesterday, I’m just going to share a couple of screenshots as an update.

Here are my sales for December. Note the previous Thursday dips and what happened yesterday after I stopped tweeting promotional links to my Amazon book pages. (I took this screenshot at 8:00 am, so ignore the point for today.)

dec sales

As you can see, yesterday was not just my best Thursday ever, but my best weekday ever and my third-best all time. I’ve also annotated what happened last weekend when I was briefly blacklisted by RoundTeam.

Now here is the track record for The Wizard’s Daughters yesterday on authorRise. Note the point where I stopped tweeting to Amazon and started tweeting to my blog.


AuthorRise lags about an hour behind, so the book is actually up to #7,334 as I type this. It’s jumped about forty points in the bestseller lists since yesterday morning.

It’s only one day, true, but I think the trend is fairly clear:  Tweeting links to your Amazon book page probably does nothing whatsoever for your sales and may be hurting them.

[Update 1/7/15]: I’ve reopened the experiment.


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