Death to Amazon Book Link Tweets, Day 3

If this is the first post you’ve read on my theories about using Twitter to sell books, you should first read the earlier posts: what got me started on this, why I think it’s useless and why it may actually hurt your sales, and what I’ve seen since I stopped doing it.

The main thing I wanted to see yesterday was whether the dramatic spike in my sales Thursday was a fluke. I’ve had one-day sales spikes before, and I know they can happen for a variety of reasons or no apparent reason at all. So I was watching carefully for a drop-off.

There was no drop-off at all. As with Thursday, yesterday was my best Friday ever, and at 4:30 p.m., this is already my best Saturday ever, and if my usual evening sales trends continue tonight, I’m on track for best day all-time.

All of this is since I stopped tweeting links to my Amazon books pages. I’ve not done anything to directly push my books sales since Thursday morning. Instead, I’ve been tweeting links to my blog posts and book reviews. And the sales boost has continued even though my Twitter engagement and blog traffic has leveled off a bit since peaking Thursday.

It may not work for everyone, but at this point, I see no reason to go back.

[Update 1/7/15]: I found a reason.


  1. Just my two cents here. First of all: major congrats on the success with Wizard’s Daughters. It’s gotta feel great. I also agree that Twitter is probably useless at best. But I’d exercise caution when dispensing the advice that it’s actually hurting sales. I see light correlational evidence here (without actual numbers, of course, I can’t speak to the real stats) and I think it’s a real stretch to claim causality. Typically, in my experience, when a book gets under the 10k mark on Zon, the algorithim takes over and it is almost impossible not to float in good sales for an extended time. Also, you’re using a spectacularly oddball week (Christmas) to extrapolate generalizations about sales – nearly everyone’s sales were down, if you believe Reddit (which…whatever. Grain of salt here, grain of salt there). So, as a word of caution to those who read here, I don’t agree with these conclusions about Twitter hurting sales. However, I don’t waste a wholelotta time on Twitter, or posting things that are more relevant for authors than readers, because…well, it drives traffic but it doesn’t do shite for sales. Blogs that target readers (free stories, free smut, news about deals) are effective, while those that target writers bring in traffic and no real sales.
    Again though: hurrah for your awesome sales. I hope you have great success with #2 as well!


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