Yes, I’m Tweeting Book Links Again

After discussing the Twitter Book Link issue with some other authors, and reviewing my sales for January, I’ve decided to give it another try with tweeting links to Amazon. But I’ve changed my approach from how I was doing it before. Initially, I was doing it almost constantly, at times as often as every 15 minutes, with nothing else to break up the stream of book promos. This time, I’m going to be more sparing, no more than once an hour, and I’m going to continue the blog and review tweets as I’ve been doing.

Why the change? Well, in the back of my mind all along was the knowledge that my uptick in sales could have been due to something completely unrelated, like the holiday sales season. So I was watching to see if things slowed down after New Year’s, which they have. So in the interest of gathering more data, I’m going to conduct another experiment.

I’ll be updating this week if there are any significant changes in my sales patterns.


  1. I wonder if perhaps Twitter, being a networking site rather an a billboard, is more useful moderation, as you have eluded to. It will be interesting to see what your findings are.


  2. Sounds perfectly logical. I love a good experiment! I can believe the non-stop link tweeting is the problem. I see so many authors caught up in the same “Buy My Book! Buy My Book!” situation and, to tell the truth, I tune them out. In my Twitter feed, I ignore those and go for the good stuff. The personal stuff. The stuff we can build conversations around, or have a good laugh, or just connect as regular people.

    In any event, good luck with this round.

    And by the way: I LOVE the image of all the covers you have at the top of your page. Seriously. Those are amazing covers. Totally makes me want to buy the books.


    1. I think no matter what you do, there are diminishing returns unless there’s an avenue for a connection. One book tweet may get some attention, but when people see the same one over and over, they’re aren’t going to keep clicking it. Same with blog posts and navel-gazing.

      And thanks about the covers! I’ve written about that too. Too many authors saddle good books with weak covers. I have some awesome designers I work with.


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