Tweeting Links to Amazon, Day 2

As I noted yesterday, I’ve begun tweeting links to Amazon again, despite railing about them in the past. I made this decision mainly to gather some more data and see if my December sales boost was related or an anomaly.

It’s too soon after 36 hours or so to gauge the effect on sales (yesterday was weak and I’ve already beaten it so far today, but my midweek sales are usually erratic so that doesn’t mean anything). I can, however, report the effects on Twitter.

Checking my stats in my section, I can report that adding book link tweets to my regular blog and review tweets seems to have caused an interesting spike in engagement. As I’m typing this, I’ve gotten 60k impressions today, which is not only an all-time high but is also almost 50% higher than my previous record (~43k). I also doubled my previous record for retweets and favorites. That’s good, but also partly attributable to the fact that I’m now tweeting 72 times a day instead of 48.

Total link clicks—the most important stat, as far as I’m concerned—are high but not a record. So, key data point here: Tweeting more often does not appear to be getting me more clicks. (This is actually no surprise if you have a background in social media marketing.) However, the real key is where those clicks are going. And here is where I see a big change from the last time I tested this.

Today, I got 65 link clicks from my 72 tweets, but WP tells me I got only 33 inbound clicks from Twitter. That’s a significant difference. While I also tweet to my reviews on Christina Harding’s blog, checking the data for those tweets shows me they got only two clicks today. That means the other 30 clicks went to Amazon.

If you’ve been following this series, you may recall that the last time I tried this, almost all of my clicks were coming here. Now, half of the traffic is going to Amazon.

I’m definitely going to track this in the next few days to see if the trend continues—then we’ll talk about why.


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