Back in the Saddle

With The Witches’ Covenant released and briefly hitting number 1 on Amazon’s Myths and Legends bestseller list, I decided to take a break from writing and blogging to recharge my batteries. Thus, the hiatus in newsletters and blog posts.

Though it’s been quiet here the past month or so, I’m now working on three different novels: The sequel to Vector, which I’m tentatively calling Magnitude; a new dark erotica thriller called Chinese Vengeance (no, this is not the same story I published on Ruthie’s Club; it’s a new one inspired by that work); and, of course, Book 3 in the Twin Magic series, The Knights’ Folly.

The latter one is likely to slip a bit from my promised mid-2015 release date, both because I need to do more research and because I have larger ambitions for this one than the first two. The only teaser I can provide at this point is that it’s going to center around the Knights’ Revolt that took place in central Germany in 1522.

Chinese Vengeance will be the first one out, hopefully early this summer. I’m really likely how it’s coming along, and it’s most definitely not your typical piece of dark erotica with the dangerous-but-sexy male protagonist and the innocent-and-vulnerable woman who falls under his spell. I hope to be able to say more about this one over the next few weeks, but for now, I’ll give you only one teaser: Stare Kiejkuty.


  1. Hi, I’m a Spanish girl and one of your most devoted fan and admirer. I have bought all your books from Smashwords and I spend time checking you up regularly for updates. I promise you that I have never downloaded anything of yours illegally. I know you don’t have to believe me but it’s the truth. Now I have a complaint, no that’s not accurate, it’s more like a nagging suspicion that I’m loosing you. Your last series Twin Magic were my first clue that something was wrong. They will never show up in Smashwords, I am right? So, straight to the point. Are you leaving Smashwords for Amazon? If that’s so I’m definitely loosing you. So let me cry out; Why? I don’t want to explain now why I don’t have any Amazon account. Just let me say to put a long story short that Amazon and I dislike one another deeply. I have no complaint whatsoever that you went to Amazon, everybody is there so better market than that …. but is there a reason why you have abandoned all of us who are out there, beyond Amazon world, any reason to have abandoned your most truly admirer ever. Isn’t there a possibility to combine both?

    I love your gritty, rough, dark, twisted, kinky, intriguing, beautiful and delicate writing. I love how you mix thriller, fantasy, erotica, sci-fi … carving out “richly plotted and detailed novels” like someone said. You are really a talented writer.

    Sorry for my “brat attitude” here. After all you own me nothing but I do want to be able to read Chinese Vengeance and Magnitude. Would I be able to do so? Please, please say yes. Say that you are not going to abandoned me. Please

    Yours faithful, Jimena
    (not my real name but that’s my favourite one and well, in this world I can choose to call myself what ever I want. I wonderful feeling)

    Un abrazo


    1. Well, let me first towel myself off after reading all that. Whew.

      Okay, the short answer is no, I have not abandoned Smashwords. The long answer starts with the fact that I get very few sales there. My best quarter on SW doesn’t even approach my worst month on Amazon. The reason The Wizard’s Daughters is not there is that I wanted to be able to promote the series on Amazon and get access to the Kindle Unlimited downloads, and to do that, you have to make your book exclusive. But the reason The Witches’ Covenant is not there is simply because I never bothered to put it up. SW has some quirky restrictions on book formatting such that I have to create a different version from what I put on Amazon, and it’s a slight pain in the butt. Since I sell so few books there, it just didn’t seem worth it.

      That being said, I see no reason I can’t put my next book on SW and Amazon. Whichever it is (Chinese Vengeance, Magnitude, or another one that’s bouncing around my brain this week), it doesn’t need to be exclusive to Amazon since I’m not going to use the promotions right off. So you will be able to read those.

      As far as Twin Magic goes, if you’re still hoping to read those two, shoot me an email and we can work something out.


      1. Thank you so much for your answer and for the good news.
        I wasn’t after a copy of Twin Magic. It really wasn’t my intention. I was just so worried not being able to read anything of yours any more that I felt compelled to do something.
        If you have a paypal account and you think it’s okey to pay you directly I wouldn’t mind. I have done it more than ones with other authors that offer that possibility in there sites. If not it’s all right then. I don’t understand the email thing. (I can’t see any email address anywhere)
        I wasn’t suggesting either that you must stay loyal to Smashwords if you feel it’s not your place. I just meant that if you could be so gentle to offer your work in other places too, not just Amazon, so we who can’t access the site have other possibilities. There are so many other sites that I visit and “buy” from.
        So I will be waiting for your next novel with excitement. And I will buy it wherever you choose to offer it.

        Un abrazo, Jimena


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