Something Old, Something New

Okay, yeah, it’s been awfully quiet this summer in part because my day job has sucked up too much of my time and partly because I’m trying to write three books at once (Chinese Vengeance, Magnitude, and The Knight’s Folly) and consequently not making a lot of progress on any of them.

None of those are coming out immediately. What is coming out—or rather, coming back—as a result of some discussions with old fans, is Richard Bissell. Yes, my erstwhile colleague/pseudonym is coming out with some books of his own, namely the long-lost Cum series. If you read it, this is an updated, slightly modified, and improved version in professionally polished (by me, but I’m a professional, so that works) ebook format. If you haven’t read these three stories, well, there’s a reason I’m letting RB publish them instead of me.

They will be available for pre-order on Smashwords soon and on Amazon, assuming they aren’t rejected for content reasons. The covers are on order, and I’ll be posting them when they’re final, likely later this week.

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