Some Updates on The Makalang

One of the most frequent comments on the first two books of The Makalang series has been that readers wished they were longer. That’s not always an easy thing to address, especially once a book is written (and I’m currently in the middle of my draft of Book 6), but I decided to go back and try to flesh things out a bit more. That meant doing a major re-write of The Golden Staff, which I had figured was more or less done. But I was successful in expanding it from about 52,000 words to 61,000 words, and going forward, I’m going to be targeting at least 60,000 for the rest of the series. And that meant I had to expand the others as well.

How did I do it? [**SPOILERS AHEAD**] Basically, I took what was originally a single-book conflict, the clash between Will and the cunelo clan leader over his wives in The Black Sky, and turned it into a series-long story arc. It’s going to tie into the overarching story arc (I’m not saying what that is yet, but you should have some ideas) in a way I hadn’t envisioned, but I think it will work quite well.

The revised version of The Golden Staff is with the beta readers, and I foresee no issues in getting it out on time (which is good, because Amazon doesn’t like failed pre-order campaigns). Book 4, The Crimson Star, will be live for pre-order when The Golden Staff goes on sale. As before, I’ll preview some chapters and the next cover in the week or two before.

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