Astronomers Discover Taitala?


So, an interesting thing came across my desk today. If you’ve been reading The Makalang so far, you know that Will is trapped on a world orbiting one of the stars in the binary Alpha Centauri system, specifically around Alpha Centauri A. I did a fair amount of research into getting the astronomy reasonably accurate, but at the time, no planets had yet been discovered in the system. That’s no longer the case.

An article in Nature Communications that came out yesterday identifies a “Neptune-sized” exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri A. The mass suggests that it’s probably a gas giant or planetary disk, but if there’s one planet, hey, there could very well be others, smaller, rocky and Earth-like like Taitala. So I took the liberty of revising one of the figures from the article to suggest where Taitala might be.

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