More Random Thoughts on The Makalang

With The Golden Staff out and The Crimson Star up for pre-order, I’ve noticed some comments from reviewers worrying that Book 4 represents the end of the series. So, let me clear things up: The Crimson Star is not the end – not even close. Certain parts of the story arc do end in this book, but the series will continue through what I plan as an eight-book series. I’m currently working on Book 7, and things are shaping up for an epic conclusion in Book 8.

If you’re curious, these are the remaining titles:

The Ebony Void (#5)

The Emerald Circlet (#6)

The Cerulean Sword (#7)

The Silver Crown (#8 – this is a working title since I haven’t even started it)

I don’t have covers for any of these and #5 and #6 are still in rough draft, so they won’t be out for a while. I’m spacing them about two months apart because that’s how long it takes me to write, edit, and proof, create the ebook file, and work with the artist to create the cover. The last three are shaping up to be a bit heftier than the earlier books (#6 came in at 84k words and #7 may equal that), so it may take a little longer to get those out.

What comes next? As it happens, I have another harem series in the works, one I’m calling Demon Hunter. It’s best described as urban harem fantasy, with some quirks. There’s a succubus in it, as well as a bunch of demons, sorcerers, and the same kind of spunky harem girls that fill up The Makalang (though considerably fewer of them). It’s set in academia, but it is decidedly not a “magic academy” story. (I’ve yet to read a single one of those that wasn’t a Potteresque knock-off at heart, and I refuse to contribute another one to the genre.) I plan this as a trilogy and I actually have drafts of the first two books done, but I’m still working out what to do with the conclusion. So I’m going to finish The Makalang first.

[glances around nervously]

And then, I may just get back into Twin Magic. No promises. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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