Great News for Audiobook Fans

I’ll be honest that I have never listened to an audiobook. Not one, ever. They just aren’t my thing. But I understand they’re very popular and lots of people prefer audiobooks to ebooks or print books. So I did look into creating audiobook versions of The Makalang. What stopped me is related to why I don’t do my own covers. Simply put, I don’t know anything at all about audiobook production. As in, substantially less than I do about producing a winning book cover. While it is certainly possible to self-publish audiobooks, and there are tools available to make it relatively easy, it requires more up-front costs than ebooks. Worse, having no clear idea what makes a good audiobook, I was at risk of spending a lot of money for something fans wouldn’t buy. That, plus uncertain returns deterred me from looking seriously into it.

Then, about a week ago, I got an email out of the blue from Tantor Media asking about audio rights for The Makalang. Understand that scammers are a problem with self-published books, and this isn’t the first cold email I’ve gotten proposing some kind of get-rich-quick arrangement. I’ve always ignored them. Except this email looked much more professional than the others. I checked out Tantor, and it turned out that they’re the largest independent audiobook production company, with tens of thousands of books in their catalog. This was a legit query.

So I’m very pleased to announce that after some back and forth, Tantor and I have reached a fair deal for the audio rights, and audiobooks for Makalang 1-4 will be coming out starting later this year. I’ll post more when things start to firm up.

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