Lets Hunt Some Demons

So, late last year, I realized I needed to start planning for what I would throw up when the Makalang series was done. It’s not done, not by a long-shot, but I started bouncing around ideas about something that remained within the harem genre but was still a different sort of book.

For a really long time – I’m talking close to ten years – I’ve been wanting to write a book focused around a succubus. But I wanted something that went beyond the “evil sex demon” or “mindless fucking machine” tropes. I wanted to look at how someone would become a succubus, since an awful lot of the literature around them suggests they began as humans. If you’re into RPGs, as I am, you know that in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, most demons start out as mortal souls. That would include succubi, though it’s something that’s rarely addressed.

I wanted also to do something set in the modern day, but again staying away from the grossly overdone urban fantasy elements like vampires and the whole shifter thing. What I came up with – Demon Hunter – is a bit of a departure, but I think it works. I’ll let the sample chapters speak for themselves when I put them up, but the cover for Book 1 should get the idea across. Book 2 is in draft form and needs an edit; I still need to write Book 3. I do have covers done for the first three books, since the artist I found to do the cover art works very fast and is, well, pretty awesome as you can see.

Demon Hunter: Birthright is up for pre-order now with a May 1 release date. Where the rest of it goes depends on how things sell. I hope you like it.

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