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What to say about Richard Bissell that hasn’t been said already? He was arguably more popular than Michael Dalton in his heyday. I figured he had retired, but it appears he still has some life left in him.

College student Jimmy’s little stepsister Kim is desperate to do something about her undersized chest.

So when Jimmy suggests what he says is the perfect—ahem—”dietary supplement,” Kim is ready to believe him. But Jimmy’s prank on his naive step-sibling backfires when she expects him to begin supplying the goods. And when some unexplained growth begins, Jimmy has no way out except continued production.
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My-Cousins-Sex-Diet-web Jimmy and his big-breasted stepsister Kim have been enjoying each other’s company for months—until Kim’s new boyfriend means calling a halt to the fun.

Jimmy is hard up for loving until Kim’s cousin Julie comes to stay with them for the summer. When Julie demands an explanation for Kim’s unexplained breast growth, Kim has to spill the beans—sort of. With Jimmy’s help, Julie embarks on her own diet hoping to duplicate Kim’s success.

But Kim when grows jealous and her new boyfriend proves inadequate to meet her needs, she and Julie need to find a way to share her stepbrother—whether he wants to or not.
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Jimmy’s stepmother has discovered his relationship with his stepsister Kim, but is strangely just fine with it.

The mystery deepens when his stepmother reveals her membership in a swinging club, and a friend’s desire to have a baby—with Jimmy’s help.

Jimmy is called upon to impregnate several of his stepmother’s friends, and Kim soon wants in on the action. But when another clue to his stepmother’s family history crops up, Jimmy and Kim must work together to unravel a mystery that suggests their unorthodox relationship may not be so unusual after all.

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 My-father-the-sex-master-web Jimmy and Kim’s relationship has deepened and grown, but their future remains uncertain. Does staying together mean shutting out the rest of the world? Is there really room for anyone else?

On Jimmy’s last college spring break to Florida, he and Kim meet a young woman who might be that someone, but is there room in her life for them? And with Jimmy needing to make a choice about his life after college, is there even a way to make any of this work?

As their mutual relationship deepens, some hard decisions have to be made by all three of them, decisions that may pave the way for their future—or snuff it out before it begins.

My Father the Sex Master is a standalone 68,000 word novel that can be read independently of the first three yet brings the Family Chemistry series to moving and thought-provoking conclusion.

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