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Spider2-web A deeply jaded ex-CIA agent with a long-held grievance. A disillusioned politician’s daughter, called to account for her father’s sins. A teenage prostitute in a hopeless downward spiral. San Diego lawyer Cassandra Dunne is trapped in a world she wants no part of, with a father whose career has controlled the entire trajectory of her life. But when she is yanked out of this existence by a dark man with a terrifying past, she must re-rexamine everything she thought she understood about herself and her father. For the man holding her is no run-of-the-mill kidnapper. He was once of the CIA’s most dangerous agents, a man whose moral compass has been destroyed by a decade of torture and murder—and the methods he honed at the behest of men like Cassandra’s father he soon turns on Cassandra. Confined in a mysterious cell in an unknown location, tormented by a teenage girl whose behavior makes little sense, Cassandra can only survive by coming to understand the true meaning of freedom. Redemption is there. If only she can take it.

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Erich, Ariel and Astrid have begun their life together, but all is not well.Ariel and Astrid have discovered that sharing a husband is a greater challenge than they anticipated, a challenge that is exacerbated by a difficult winter trip to Wittenberg, where Erich hopes to enter the service of Frederick III, Elector of Sachsen.But their trip is soon interrupted by unexpected complications. In the town of Marburg, a century-old agreement that has kept the peace between the Landgraviate of Hessen and a band of witches in the forest is beginning to unravel. The young Landgrave, Philip, needs to consolidate his authority, and the witches want something from him that he does not dare surrender.Erich and his wives are drawn into this conflict, and in the process discover a mystery that seems tied to their unique magical bond—a mystery that may threaten its very existence if they cannot resolve it.In this second installment in the bestselling Twin Magic series, Michael Dalton spins together magic, steampunk, and traditional German fairy tales into another entertaining alternate history adventure.

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00010] When down-on-his-luck swordsman Erich von Jülich-Berg accepts a job protecting Walther the Artificer on a trip from his village to the Free City of Köln, his only motivation is to replenish his empty purse.Walther’s twin daughters Ariel and Astrid, skilled mages in their own right, are in search of a husband. But marriage for mages carries with it unique challenges, for their mate will be chosen solely by their place in the magical Flow–not their hearts.Erich soon finds himself caught up in a drama that will return him to a painful and dangerous place in his life that he thought he had long left behind, and pull him into the lives of two unusual women he soon grows to care about–but cannot have.In this unique alternate history adventure set in pre-Reformation Germany, Michael Dalton spins a twisted but entertaining steampunk fairy tale that is sure to entertain old fans and new.
 The Wizard's Daughters (Twin Magic Book 1)
You may have read fembot stories before. But you’ve never read one like this.Paul Dawson lost his wife in a tragic car accident 18 months ago, leaving him alone to raise his three kids. Lonely but still bereaved, he’s been unable to find a way past his grief, and Paul’s kids—especially his teenage daughter Alisa—have resisted his efforts to begin dating again.One afternoon at a football game, Paul wins a robot in a corporate promotion. But this robot—the new Vertex eGirl 5—is unlike anything Paul or anyone else has seen before. Possessed of true artificial intelligence and a suite of other groundbreaking abilities, Paul’s eGirl, whom he names Selena, is soon upgrading Paul’s life—in and out of his bedroom—in ways he never expected.As Paul and Selena grow closer, and Selena begins healing the damage in his life and those of his children, Paul must make a decision about just how far he can let himself care about a robot—even one as advanced as Selena.
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thehunt-cover-web Caitlyn Cahill has it all: Beauty, brains, and a fast-track job at a high-powered Dallas law firm.But her perfect life is destroyed when she’s falsely accused of an affair with a married partner. Unemployable, desperate, and deeply in debt, Caitlyn is offered a way out by a mysterious woman. All she has to do is get through a ten-mile course without being caught by the men chasing her.But what she thinks will be an easy $1 million—for Caitlyn is also a champion cross-country runner—instead leads her into a relationship with a man who is nothing like what she expects, and whose needs are beyond anything she has experienced before. And through it, Caitlyn discovers she has needs of her own that she has never suspected. Read an excerpt.
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Virginal high school senior Amber Johnson has a crush on her history teacher. But she has no idea what she’s getting into.Mike Bradley is a young teacher at a rural Nebraska high school. When Amber’s crush becomes apparent and she begins a campaign to get his attention, he’s initially uninterested. Not because Amber isn’t a hot little piece of small-town ass. It’s because innocent girls like her aren’t his thing.Mike likes sluts—shameless, foul-mouthed, tattooed, pierced sluts. That’s not who Amber is. But when she figures that out, Amber isn’t deterred. She may not be not a slut now. But she decides that with Mike’s help—she can become one.
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 Needle&Dungeon Draft2 San Francisco near the end of the 21st century. A world both familiar and frighteningly bizarre. A young woman named Ashley MacMacmillan is haunting the darker reaches of the net in search of things even she does not fully understand.She finds what she thinks she wants in a virtual reality laboratory run by a wealthy but reclusive scientist, who is exploring his own darker desires in this virtual world. As Ashley descends further into his reality, she encounters a series of challenges that will test both her sense of self and her will to survive. Read an excerpt.
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What if you could have everything you wanted with a single thought? How far would you go?College English professor Victor Hayes has an ordinary life that abruptly goes haywire one day when his fantasies begin taking life. A girl in his class, who’s shown no interest in him whatsoever, suddenly becomes obsessed with him. Impossible things begin happening: his cat starts talking to him, his class erupts into an orgy one afternoon, yet no one else notices anything unusual. Worse, the fantasies start and stop without warning, afterwards reverting to his normal life as if nothing has happened.For Victor has been caught up in something much older than him, something that will give him his every desire—but at a price.
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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00010] What do you do when the love of your life needs more than you can give her?For Kevin and Faith, what begins as a harmless diversion in college soon awakens things that cannot be suppressed forever. As they build their life together, Kevin has to decide whether keeping Faith happy is worth letting his darkest impulses into the light of day. For as Faith explores the depths of her needs, she realizes that what she wants is another woman—a woman who can submit to the both of them. And not just submit, but come to love them and become an integral part of their marriage.For Kevin, who does not trust his deepest needs, finding a way to reconcile what Faith wants and what he can allow himself becomes a fundamental challenge that will drive the two of them apart—or lead them to an even deeper understanding of each other. Read an excerpt.
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Matt Richardson has two lives: one as a successful investment banker, the other haunting the dark corners of Los Angeles in search of something even he does not fully understand. He finds what he thinks he’s looking for in Amanda O’Connell, a beautiful young woman with secrets of her own and a shadowy connection to the Republican Presidential nominee.In this erotic thriller, Michael takes us from the back alleys and bondage parlors of Los Angeles to the corridors of power in Washington and beyond, where little is what it seems, and where no one can take anything—even themselves—at face value. Read an excerpt.
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 Draft 01 - IDeception-thumb
 Teaser cover-thumb What if the love of your life isn’t allowed to love anyone at all?Manhattan lawyer Tom Dempsey has a pedigreed background—a wealthy father and a grandfather who’s a federal judge—but it isn’t enough for the woman he wants. Kate Armitage is the daughter of Newport royalty and a descendant of 19th century railroad magnates. Kate and Tom have been friends since their days together at Yale, but she cannot let herself fall in love with him, or anyone at all, because of a family that demands she marry right.When Kate abruptly announces her engagement, Tom must navigate the maze of his feelings for her and their history together. He must decide whether chasing what he can’t have is worth destroying what he has, and Kate must finally make the choice between love and money she’s been avoiding for years.
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An American lawyer in Paris meets a French woman with an unusual entanglement. A grad school TA falls in love with a student in his section but can’t date her. A frustrated wife takes out her frustrations on the yard boy, with some unexpected results. A washed-up ex-cop must team again with the woman who broke his heart to solve a baffling mystery.These seven stories, ranging from shorties to novellas, run the gamut from tender-to-bittersweet romances to straight-up erotica to BDSM and erotic horror.
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  1. In your latest post you mention you are currently writing a dark web book 3. Is there a book 2, and if so, where can I pick it up?


  2. i just finished Spider book 1. AMAZING STORY !!!
    And now I want Book 2. come on is two years later already ,don’t be so mean..
    Your other books ,sorry but not my thing, maybe Vector can be.


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