Richard Bissell

Bissell is Back

As I promised not so long ago, I have updated and revised Richard Bissell’s classic Cum series for re-release. I have renamed it Family Chemistry, and it is up for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords. The pre-order pages for books 3 and 4 on Amazon have not shown up just yet, but should be visible later this week. The blurbs will be the same, so feel free to check out the book listings on Smashwords if you’re curious.

The books will be released once per week starting Nov. 6, with the new and concluding novel released on Nov. 27. That one came in at around 55,000 words and is currently out for beta-reading.

Bissell now has his own book page, which you can reach through the menu above.

It’s Cumming

Long ago, in another life, when I wrote erotica mainly to amuse myself (as opposed to now, when I do it to help pay the bills and only secondarily for entertainment), I wrote a short story that was intended to satirize the trashy, out-and-out incest pieces that made up a significant portion of internet erotica in the late 1990s. The story was called My Sister the Cum Addict, and it was about two siblings who discover an unusual method of breast enhancement. Though the fellow authors I had gotten friendly with got the satire, as did most of my regular readers, the story produced a reaction I didn’t anticipate: The incest crowd loved it and wanted more.


So I wrote a second one, My Cousin’s Cum Diet, and a third, My Mother the Cum Magnate (note: that’s not a typo), trying to keep up with the satire but also trying to give the readers what they wanted.

Because these were not “Michael Dalton”–type stories, I published them under the same pseudonym I’d use to publish Amber: The Making of a Fuck Toy, Richard Bissell.

Fast forward to now. The Cum series has lain dormant ever since, since I didn’t see any reason to republish it. But as I’ve become more well known as an indie author, my old fans are resurfacing, and they’ve begun asking about these stories. That, plus the unflagging popularity of step-sibling erotica made me think it might be worth brushing these off and updating them.My-Cousins-Sex-Diet-web

I did all that fairly quickly in early September and ordered some covers, which you see here. Naturally, with Amazon’s well-known sensibilities about this particular genre, I had to make some changes. But in doing so, I began to feel as if the series was unfinished. We end My Mother on
something of, if not a cliffhanger, at least some unfinished business: Jimmy and Kim looking to the future but unsure of what it holds.

Of course, once I began wondering about where they might end up, another story became inevitable. But the piece that I’ve spent the last two weeks writing, My Father the Sex Master, is a very different work. For one thing, it’s a lot longer—longer by at least 30% than the other three pieces combined. It’s also not in any way a satire (though it does carry forward some of the humorous elements of Book 3). It addresses Jimmy and Kim’s relationship in a much more straightforward fashion, which meant digging a long way into what they were thinking and feeling. What it turned into, believe it or not, was a ménage romance.My-Mother-the-Sex-Magnate-web

For those of you who have read the first three books, this one takes place two years after Book 3 ends, mostly over the course of Jimmy’s last college spring break. The titular father is the one who showed up at the end of Book 3, and his shadowy background plays a significant part in how this one unfolds. The third member of that ménage is a new character Jimmy and Kim meet on spring break in Florida.

My Father is a good book (or at least one I really enjoyed writing), but there are some rather My-father-the-sex-master-webstriking thematic inconsistencies between Book 1 and Book 4. Unfortunately, they’re inconsistencies I can’t resolve without a complete re-write of Books 1-3. That’s something I’m not inclined to attempt, and it isn’t what the readers clamoring for their re-release are asking for anyway.

I’m going to have the whole series available for pre-order on Amazon very shortly, staggered because I’m not 100% finished with Book 4 (it refuses to stop writing itself even though I keep thinking it’s done). But for those of you waiting for these, and those of you who haven’t read them yet, I promise it will be worth the wait.


Something Old, Something New

Okay, yeah, it’s been awfully quiet this summer in part because my day job has sucked up too much of my time and partly because I’m trying to write three books at once (Chinese Vengeance, Magnitude, and The Knight’s Folly) and consequently not making a lot of progress on any of them.

None of those are coming out immediately. What is coming out—or rather, coming back—as a result of some discussions with old fans, is Richard Bissell. Yes, my erstwhile colleague/pseudonym is coming out with some books of his own, namely the long-lost Cum series. If you read it, this is an updated, slightly modified, and improved version in professionally polished (by me, but I’m a professional, so that works) ebook format. If you haven’t read these three stories, well, there’s a reason I’m letting RB publish them instead of me.

They will be available for pre-order on Smashwords soon and on Amazon, assuming they aren’t rejected for content reasons. The covers are on order, and I’ll be posting them when they’re final, likely later this week.

Back in the Saddle

With The Witches’ Covenant released and briefly hitting number 1 on Amazon’s Myths and Legends bestseller list, I decided to take a break from writing and blogging to recharge my batteries. Thus, the hiatus in newsletters and blog posts.

Though it’s been quiet here the past month or so, I’m now working on three different novels: The sequel to Vector, which I’m tentatively calling Magnitude; a new dark erotica thriller called Chinese Vengeance (no, this is not the same story I published on Ruthie’s Club; it’s a new one inspired by that work); and, of course, Book 3 in the Twin Magic series, The Knights’ Folly.

The latter one is likely to slip a bit from my promised mid-2015 release date, both because I need to do more research and because I have larger ambitions for this one than the first two. The only teaser I can provide at this point is that it’s going to center around the Knights’ Revolt that took place in central Germany in 1522.

Chinese Vengeance will be the first one out, hopefully early this summer. I’m really likely how it’s coming along, and it’s most definitely not your typical piece of dark erotica with the dangerous-but-sexy male protagonist and the innocent-and-vulnerable woman who falls under his spell. I hope to be able to say more about this one over the next few weeks, but for now, I’ll give you only one teaser: Stare Kiejkuty.

What’s Been Up

So, it’s been a bit quiet here lately, in part because I’ve finally finished revising and uploading my older stuff. From here on out, most likely, it will be only new books. And that means I need to write them.

I’ve started Book 2 in the Twin Magic series, The Witches’ Covenant, and it’s going well if not as quickly as the first one did. I’ve got just over 9,000 words down, which means it’s about 1/5 of the way there, more or less (I’m shooting for 50,000 words, though you never know how these things will go). I’m on track to release it in early 2015 as promised.

There may be one or two more revised older pieces coming, but what’s left in the archives is dated enough to require quite a lot of revision if I were to release it again. (And, if you’re holding out for CGC and OCB, sorry, those are not coming. Google may be of use there.)

Another Week, Another New Book

I’ve been teasing this one for a while, and it’s finally ready to go. The Wisdom of Dogs is a collection of seven short stories I wrote during my first foray into fiction writing in the late 1990s. I’ve revised and updated some of them as needed, though I left a couple alone because they were too tied to the period when they were written.

These stories range from tender-to-bittersweet romances all the way to erotic horror, spanning a thriller and BDSM piece in between. There should be something for everyone.

I’m uploading the ebook to Amazon later today, and will load it in Smashwords tonight.

Amber: The Remaking of an eBook

So, it turns out I write straight-up porn as well as densely plotted stuff.

One of the most popular novels I wrote during my Usenet days was one I thought I was going to have to leave in oblivion. Amber: The Making of a Fuck Toy, was originally published as a serial story in 1999 by Richard Bissell (my other pseudonym). When I began dusting off some of my old material to republish, I thought I would need to leave this one alone. For reasons of copyright and right of publicity, the original ending precluded commercial publication. Without going into the details, it involved certain real people and events that I could not have used in a piece of commercial erotica.

But once I got my other novels republished, I began thinking about this one again, especially once some people asked about it. I figured it would be well received, but in order to re-release it, I would need to do a serious rewrite (in addition to changing the title—profanity on the cover is frowned upon by ebook retailers).

That is now done, and I have posted it to Smashwords, and it should be live on Amazon shortly.

If you read this story the first time around, most of it will be familiar until you get near the end. It’s at that point that I had to send Amber and Mike off in a different direction. Meanwhile, if this is your first encounter with Amber, I can only say—hang on to your hat.

Friday Fun! The Books are Loose!

I’ve just released all five of my books in Smashwords in time for weekend reading. (Amazon won’t let me move up the release date from Halloween let me move up the release date to Oct. 28). You can find the direct links on my Books page, or just head to my Smashwords author page. As with Goodreads yesterday, I’ve made The Teaser free for download.

Feel free to let me know it all sucks—I deserve it!

We’re Almost at Release Day

The first five novels I’m going to release about just about ready to go. All five are in Amazon, approved, and live. They’re also in Smashwords, with two still waiting final approval. Once everything is ready for prime time, I’ll open the gates.

In the mean time, if you’re wondering what’s taking so long, well, it’s because of shit like what you see in the header image. Still getting the hang of this stuff.