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Do You Need Some Erotica That Doesn’t Suck? I Have Some Here (I Hope)

Okay, as of a few minutes ago, the final versions of Immaculate Deception, Vector, The Needle and the Dungeon, The Teaser, and Faith, Hope & Charity have been uploaded to Amazon. As soon as they’re through the review process, I’m going to look into releasing them from pre-order status this week. The Hunt is still not quite done (I still need to write the final, climactic, sex scene), but I’ll release that as soon as it’s ready. We’re almost there.

Where We’re At

If you’re following me on Twitter (and if not, why not?), you may have seen the tweet about my Amazon author page going live. Right now, at the moment I’m posting this, you’ll see only The Teaser. I’ve uploaded three more books today—Vector, The Needle and the Dungeon, and Faith, Hope & Charity, and those will show up as soon as Amazon gets done reviewing them. You’ll note that all four are showing a Pre-Order release date of Oct. 31. While the prospect of releasing everything on Halloween appeals to me, I did this mainly because I had to upload something to get a link for my author page that I could then insert into the ebook files. But I didn’t want to publish anything without that link, so I had to upload a pre-release version of The Teaser, wait for that to go live, then get that link and update all of the files.

What all that means is that I’m likely to release the books well before Oct. 31 (to select Pre-Order with a non-final book, Amazon forced me to pick a date two weeks out). What’s left is the cover for Immaculate Deception, which I’m supposed to get tomorrow, the cover for The Wizard’s Daughters, which I hope to get in the next few days, and wrapping up The Hunt, which I need to polish a bit more (the cover is coming shortly). When I’ve got that taken care of, the wraps are off, and I’ll release everything at once.

So, Where Were We?

Just an update for anyone who’s paying attention here.

eBook Files done and ready to post for sale:

  • Vector
  • The Needle and the Dungeon
  • The Teaser

Cover done, need to do ebook file:

  • Faith, Hope & Charity

Books done, waiting on covers-in-progress:

  • Immaculate Deception
  • The Wizard’s Daughters

Book done, need to order cover:

  • Roland: The Choice

Book almost done, really should order cover: Cover ordered!

  • The Hunt

Really need to decide what’s going in it and order a cover:

  • Eye of the Beholder: Stories

I’m contemplating breaking this list in half and posting the first three groups for sale when the covers for Immaculate Deception and The Wizard’s Daughters are done, because I really want to get some stuff up there, and the covers and other stuff for the last three are likely to take a while. Also, I’m really eager to get The Wizard’s Daughters out there to see if anyone else thinks it’s as good as I do.

If all goes well, I should have those covers ready within a week, and I can then (finally) get some stuff up and ready to read.

Another note on The Hunt: This came out even better than I expected, though not quite as long. The final version should be a longish novella/short novel around 38k words. I’ll post another WIP snippet tomorrow. (Also, I am going to continue the Erotica That Sucks series shortly.)

Update: I just started loading some stuff into Amazon to get my author page set up. Assuming nothing is borked, the first three will be available for pre-order shortly.


Where the Hell Are the Books? [Updated]

A couple of my old fans from the Usenet days who have tracked me down on Twitter since I reappeared have asked why I can’t just release all my old stuff right away. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, the ebooks just aren’t ready yet. I have a full-time job and three kids, and I’ve got to fit this second job (which is what it is) in and around everything else. Only about half the covers are done (I’ve teased what I’ve got), and I still need to finish polishing, updating, and formatting the ebook files.

The other reason is that I want to release everything at once. One of the great joys of reading, for me, is finding a new author I like, reading that first book and thinking, “Damn, that was awesome,” then discovering the author has a bunch of other stuff available—which I will usually go read immediately. Finishing that book and discovering there’s nothing else is always a disappointment. So I want to make it possible for new fans and old who like my stuff to dive in as far as they want.

I don’t expect it to take too much longer, and I promise it will be worth the wait.

Update: No, it should not be too much longer.

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