Twin Magic

What’s Up

Okay, I get that I seem to have disappeared lately. That’s a fair assessment. To set the record straight, I am not dead, I am not sick, and I am not suffering from anything keeping me away from writing beyond life. But I changed jobs around the first of this year, and as a result, I don’t have the same amount of writing time that I used to. But I am writing, and I do still intend to get what I owe my readers out eventually.

Here’s where we’re at with the ones people have been asking about.

The Knight’s Folly (Twin Magic 3): This is the big one, naturally. Remind me to never promise publication dates for sequels. I suggested I’d get this out mid-2015, which means it’s two years late. Hey, at least I’m not as late as George R.R. Martin is with the Winds of Winter. But I set out to address some of the criticisms of the first two books with this one, namely that they were too short and rushed over things people wanted more of. So I’m aiming at 100k words on this one. I’m not there yet. I won’t tell you where I’m at, but there’s a ways to go yet. Some hints: Hans and Julia are back. The third color will be revealed. There’s going to be a war. Martin Luther puts in an appearance. Beyond that, who knows?

Scorpion (A Dark Web 3 2): I actually started this one before Spider was even released, but didn’t get all that far. I’ve written a bit more here and there. All I can tell you is that most of it takes place in Africa, it’s even darker than the first one (there are two murders in the first chapter alone), and the title refers to Makayla. The rest you’ll have to wait for.


Release Day for The Witches’ Covenant


After two months in pre-order, I’m happy to say that The Witches’ Covenant, Book 2 in the Twin Magic series, is finally live on Amazon and ready for download. As I type this, its #1 in Greek & Roman Myths & Legends (why Greco-Roman? I have no idea) and #5 also #1 in the overall Myths & Legends category. If you’re one of the many people who pre-ordered it, thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy this installment.

You can also read the first posted review on Feedmeinbooks.

The Witches’ Covenant Launch Tour Starts Today

Between now and April 6, I’m going to be promoting The Witches’ Covenant with guest posts, interviews, excerpts, and more across the book blogosphere. The tour is being organized by Enchanted Book Promotions, and you can find the schedule here.

The book will be released March 20, and I’ll have a special promotion running March 15 through March 21. More on that later.

The Witches are on Tour Starting March 6


I have—appropriately enough—engaged Enchanted Book Promotions to help me launch The Witches’ Covenant. The promotional tour will begin March 6, leading up to the book’s release on March 20. I’ll be doing some promotional specials to support the tour as it progresses—more on that later.

If you’re interested in being a tour host or reviewer, please contact Enchanted Book Promotions on their web site via the tour page.

On Amazon’s Small Ponds

As I pen this post, The Wizard’s Daughters is currently #50 on both Amazon’s Historical Fantasy and Medieval Romance ebooks bestseller lists, and #58 on its Medieval Romance books list. This past weekend it was as high as #47. As impressive as that may seem, I am compelled to point out that so far I’ve sold no more than a couple of hundred copies in the month or so since it was released. So I hesitate to think of sales like that as constituting a “bestseller.”

The interesting thing has been watching how it’s been moving up and down, and in particular how those rankings correlate with its overall sales rank, which has peaked at around 7,200 so far. Yet, in browsing around, I’ve seen books with far higher sales rankings show up with no bestseller list rank. That suggests to me that Medieval Romance and Historical Fantasy are rather small genres, certainly much smaller than Urban Fantasy and Swords & Sorcery. (This observation is supported by the number of “long tail” books like The Mists of Avalon and the Outlander series on the two lists.)

I don’t mean to discount the value of getting listed, of course. I’ve noticed a definite sales bump since it happened. The book was flirting with the list for the past two weeks, but never got past about #70 or so before quickly falling off. Since getting into the higher tiers this past weekend, it seems to be “floating” in place, perhaps as the list generates sales.

The lesson here is probably one I’ve touched on in the past. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. It’s easier to stand out if you make an effort to be different. Here, reaching for the less popular genre lists seems to have paid off.

What’s Been Up

So, it’s been a bit quiet here lately, in part because I’ve finally finished revising and uploading my older stuff. From here on out, most likely, it will be only new books. And that means I need to write them.

I’ve started Book 2 in the Twin Magic series, The Witches’ Covenant, and it’s going well if not as quickly as the first one did. I’ve got just over 9,000 words down, which means it’s about 1/5 of the way there, more or less (I’m shooting for 50,000 words, though you never know how these things will go). I’m on track to release it in early 2015 as promised.

There may be one or two more revised older pieces coming, but what’s left in the archives is dated enough to require quite a lot of revision if I were to release it again. (And, if you’re holding out for CGC and OCB, sorry, those are not coming. Google may be of use there.)