Amber: The Remaking of an eBook

So, it turns out I write straight-up porn as well as densely plotted stuff.

One of the most popular novels I wrote during my Usenet days was one I thought I was going to have to leave in oblivion. Amber: The Making of a Fuck Toy, was originally published as a serial story in 1999 by Richard Bissell (my other pseudonym). When I began dusting off some of my old material to republish, I thought I would need to leave this one alone. For reasons of copyright and right of publicity, the original ending precluded commercial publication. Without going into the details, it involved certain real people and events that I could not have used in a piece of commercial erotica.

But once I got my other novels republished, I began thinking about this one again, especially once some people asked about it. I figured it would be well received, but in order to re-release it, I would need to do a serious rewrite (in addition to changing the title—profanity on the cover is frowned upon by ebook retailers).

That is now done, and I have posted it to Smashwords, and it should be live on Amazon shortly.

If you read this story the first time around, most of it will be familiar until you get near the end. It’s at that point that I had to send Amber and Mike off in a different direction. Meanwhile, if this is your first encounter with Amber, I can only say—hang on to your hat.