chinese vengeance

Dark Erotica Incoming!

Several times I’ve teased a book called Chinese Vengeance, and for those of you who’ve been around since the beginning, you may recall a novella of that name I published on Ruthie’s Club in 2001. As with a lot of stuff I’ve been doing since restarting my writing career, some old fans have asked about it and wanted to know if I would re-release it.

The problem with the original CV is that it’s a bit too extreme for Amazon. There are some awfully dark elements in it, to the point that it could arguably be viewed as erotic horror. A lot of people liked it, but it would almost certainly be rejected because of the lines it crosses.

But I liked it then, and I still do. So I decided not just to rewrite it but remake it. I took all the main characters, the same basic theme, and started an entirely new novel. What came out at the other end, as of this afternoon, is something quite different from the original book, both in plot, character, and theme. It’s still dark erotica—darker in some respects than the original—but doesn’t cross any lines Amazon would find objectionable. (Does it dance up against them repeatedly? Yes, yes, it does.) It’s also, in my humble opinion, a lot better, maybe one of the best things I’ve ever written.

Because of all these and some other reasons, I’ve decided that Chinese Vengeance no longer works as a title. It deserves its own identity. So I need to come up with a new one. (Right now, I’m calling it Spider, but I’m not entirely happy with that.)

I’m sending it out for beta reading shortly, and once I’ve come up with a title, I’m ordering a cover. If all goes well, I expect to have it up for pre-order in January. Stay tuned.

Back in the Saddle

With The Witches’ Covenant released and briefly hitting number 1 on Amazon’s Myths and Legends bestseller list, I decided to take a break from writing and blogging to recharge my batteries. Thus, the hiatus in newsletters and blog posts.

Though it’s been quiet here the past month or so, I’m now working on three different novels: The sequel to Vector, which I’m tentatively calling Magnitude; a new dark erotica thriller called Chinese Vengeance (no, this is not the same story I published on Ruthie’s Club; it’s a new one inspired by that work); and, of course, Book 3 in the Twin Magic series, The Knights’ Folly.

The latter one is likely to slip a bit from my promised mid-2015 release date, both because I need to do more research and because I have larger ambitions for this one than the first two. The only teaser I can provide at this point is that it’s going to center around the Knights’ Revolt that took place in central Germany in 1522.

Chinese Vengeance will be the first one out, hopefully early this summer. I’m really likely how it’s coming along, and it’s most definitely not your typical piece of dark erotica with the dangerous-but-sexy male protagonist and the innocent-and-vulnerable woman who falls under his spell. I hope to be able to say more about this one over the next few weeks, but for now, I’ll give you only one teaser: Stare Kiejkuty.