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It’s Cumming

Long ago, in another life, when I wrote erotica mainly to amuse myself (as opposed to now, when I do it to help pay the bills and only secondarily for entertainment), I wrote a short story that was intended to satirize the trashy, out-and-out incest pieces that made up a significant portion of internet erotica in the late 1990s. The story was called My Sister the Cum Addict, and it was about two siblings who discover an unusual method of breast enhancement. Though the fellow authors I had gotten friendly with got the satire, as did most of my regular readers, the story produced a reaction I didn’t anticipate: The incest crowd loved it and wanted more.


So I wrote a second one, My Cousin’s Cum Diet, and a third, My Mother the Cum Magnate (note: that’s not a typo), trying to keep up with the satire but also trying to give the readers what they wanted.

Because these were not “Michael Dalton”–type stories, I published them under the same pseudonym I’d use to publish Amber: The Making of a Fuck Toy, Richard Bissell.

Fast forward to now. The Cum series has lain dormant ever since, since I didn’t see any reason to republish it. But as I’ve become more well known as an indie author, my old fans are resurfacing, and they’ve begun asking about these stories. That, plus the unflagging popularity of step-sibling erotica made me think it might be worth brushing these off and updating them.My-Cousins-Sex-Diet-web

I did all that fairly quickly in early September and ordered some covers, which you see here. Naturally, with Amazon’s well-known sensibilities about this particular genre, I had to make some changes. But in doing so, I began to feel as if the series was unfinished. We end My Mother on
something of, if not a cliffhanger, at least some unfinished business: Jimmy and Kim looking to the future but unsure of what it holds.

Of course, once I began wondering about where they might end up, another story became inevitable. But the piece that I’ve spent the last two weeks writing, My Father the Sex Master, is a very different work. For one thing, it’s a lot longer—longer by at least 30% than the other three pieces combined. It’s also not in any way a satire (though it does carry forward some of the humorous elements of Book 3). It addresses Jimmy and Kim’s relationship in a much more straightforward fashion, which meant digging a long way into what they were thinking and feeling. What it turned into, believe it or not, was a ménage romance.My-Mother-the-Sex-Magnate-web

For those of you who have read the first three books, this one takes place two years after Book 3 ends, mostly over the course of Jimmy’s last college spring break. The titular father is the one who showed up at the end of Book 3, and his shadowy background plays a significant part in how this one unfolds. The third member of that ménage is a new character Jimmy and Kim meet on spring break in Florida.

My Father is a good book (or at least one I really enjoyed writing), but there are some rather My-father-the-sex-master-webstriking thematic inconsistencies between Book 1 and Book 4. Unfortunately, they’re inconsistencies I can’t resolve without a complete re-write of Books 1-3. That’s something I’m not inclined to attempt, and it isn’t what the readers clamoring for their re-release are asking for anyway.

I’m going to have the whole series available for pre-order on Amazon very shortly, staggered because I’m not 100% finished with Book 4 (it refuses to stop writing itself even though I keep thinking it’s done). But for those of you waiting for these, and those of you who haven’t read them yet, I promise it will be worth the wait.


In Which We Get Caught Up on the Past 15 Years

One day in 1998, I wrote a short story at work.

At the time, I was employed at a badly overstaffed company, and found myself with way too much time on my hands. Out of sheer boredom, I began to write. The story wasn’t much, it seemed to me, but I felt like sharing it. What to do? A while back, I had stumbled across the adult Usenet newsgroups on AOL (yes, I used AOL like everyone else back then), and thought I might post it there. I wasn’t anticipating much of anything, I just felt like seeing if anyone might like it.

That first story, Sunset on Roses, ignited something I didn’t anticipate. An audience is like crack to a writer, and I had found one without really meaning to. The first few stories I posted became so popular that I soon found myself being hounded by readers for more of them. Over the next three years, I wrote and posted about ten novels and upwards of 50 short stories, all of them tossed out for free to the Usenet. Within the admittedly limited milieu of, I was a god.

I would eventually found an erotic story site, Ruthie’s Club, with several other writers. But as Ruthie’s Club took off, I began to realize that I was getting burned out on all of this. One day, I thought to add up the word counts of every single thing I’d written, and the total came to a shocking 1.5 million words.

I had had enough.

I bailed from Ruthie’s Club, had Google—which had just started Google Groups—purge my entire oeuvre from their archives, and deleted my MichaelD38 AOL account. I would be lying if I said I never looked back, but I was at peace with the decision.

But I never lost the desire to keep writing. After my batteries recharged over the next few years, I often ran through potential stories and novels in my head but never wrote anything. Part of the problem was family: My wife and I now had three young kids, and I simply didn’t have time for the uninterrupted blocks of writing I needed. I had also changed jobs. My new responsibilities were much more demanding and got more so as I advanced.

In the intervening years, Amazon rolled out the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. A few years ago, I began bouncing around the idea of republishing some of my stuff as ebooks. But Michael Dalton seemed like a phase of my life I’d left behind for good, and I never did anything with it beyond wondering.

The change came a few weeks ago. My kids were now older and more self-sufficient, and I’d begun a new job working from home. I’d had a book idea floating around in my head for a while, and one night after a discussion with some friends about my writing career (though not the salacious details), I sat down and started writing.

Two weeks later (yes, two weeks), I had a novel. This was fast even for me, and it told me things were still there. So I finally set about reviving my old material.

What’s going to happen here? Well, not all of my old stuff is fit to see the light of day again, for various reasons. I’ve selected and revised some of my favorite pieces (some of it needed a lot of updating). I’ve commissioned covers and started converting the cleaned-up files to epub format. I hope to have things ready to go in October, but as I want to roll out the entire group at once, it will be a few more weeks before it’s all ready.

I’m excited about getting back into writing, and I hope (if you’ve gotten this far), you’re intrigued enough to want to check out my new book when it’s available. I’ll have a post about that one soon, but I think it’s the best thing I’ve written so far.

See you soon.