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The Makalang is Here

The Scarlet Cavern, the first book in my new series, The Makalang, is available on Amazon. Check out chapter 1 here and chapter 2 here, chapter 3 here, and the cover here.

Book 2, The Black Sky, was released Dec. 15  and is available now. Check out chapter 1 here, chapter 2 here, and the cover here

Book 3, The Golden Staff, was released on Feb. 1 and is available on Amazon. Check out the cover here, chapter 1 here, and chapter 2 here.

Book 4, The Crimson Star, was released April 1 and is available on Amazon (that’s a snippet of the cover art up there). Check out the cover here, and chapter 1 here

Book 5, The Ebony Void, will be released May 15 and is available for pre-order

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